Fitzwatyer Canceled because of weather... 

Forecast is for more rain around 5pm so we're canceling Fitzwater today. Instead I will be at Chaplin's as usual. Sorry for those of you who were looking forward to it. Mother's Day at Fitz is one of the few times my trio plays at a public event. Looking forward to seeing some of you at Pig Jam Ten!!! Saturday, July 14 at 10 AM - 9 PM St. Michael's Picnic Grove, Jacob Street Mont Clare, Oaks, PA 19453 We'll be playing from 3:30pm till 4pm. There's I don't know how many other groups playing and it's all for The American Cancer Society!

Fitzwater Station Mother's Day Ted's Trio!!! 

Ted's Trio will make a rare appearance at Fitzwater Station this Sunday May 13th 4pm-8pm. Join us in the Grove for food and drinks and some laid back tunes by Ted, Ric and Myles. Bring a Lawn Chair, Blanket, to sit on. Even your Dog is welcome. 

Fitzwater Station, 264 Canal St., Phoenixville, Pennsylvania  Call (610) 933-1420

Pig Jam 10!!!! Always a great time. Great food too! 

Saturday, July 14 at 10 AM - 9 PM 
St. Michael's Picnic Grove, Jacob Street Mont Clare, Oaks, PA 19453 

11 AM - Danielle & Danielle Jennifer Brown 

11:45 - Nextdoor Neighbors; Steve & Beth Delaney

12:30 - Just For Play

1:15 - Jeff Umbehauer Band 

2:00 - Phyllis Chapell 

2:45 - Ted The Fiddler

3:30 - Time Bandits w/Scott Silber 

4:15 - HOT CAKES w/Johnny's Dance Band Guys

5:30 - The Sin Brothers

6:15 - Liz LP Roding 

7:00 - The Mark Stinger Band 

7:45 - The ALL Bands JAM

Chaplin's Bluegrass Jam 

First Thursday Of The Month 

It's pretty laid back. 
Beginners Welcome 
Doors Open 7pm 

Kitchen is Closed but 
Water and Sodas $2 
Yes we have Bathrooms 
Yes we are a recording Studio 
$3 to cover the bills 
$2 extra if you bring booze. 
That's each,, not as a group or for the one bottle or 6 pack 
Not my idea either. Bring it up with Chris. He makes the rules 

Chaplin's is in the middle of Spring City, Pa. 19475 
just down from the Hotel 
66 N Main Street 
Spring City PA 19475 
Yes I probably forgot something... 
Google it! Or call them!

Wagon Wheel Quakertown 

Getting ready to play up above Quakertown tonight at the Wagon Wheel with the Shabby Roads band. Friends who met at my Open Mic on Sunday Nights. Very proud of these guys and the Progress they've made. Plus I get to be the Lead Guitar on Fiddle instead of the Guitar. I love it when I'm the damn star of the show! 

But really! I have no Ego Problems. Really I don't! It'll be the Biggest Crowd ever to attend and Eagles Kick Off Party! Huge! It's gonna be Huge! Now.... where's that Orange Hair Spray?

Upcoming Dates 

Sunday Night I'll be hosting the Chaplin's Open Mic. Sign up is at 7pm. We start playing music around 7:30pm. Thursday Night is the Monthly Bluegrass Jam at Chaplin's. It's pretty laid back and starts at 7pm. $3 to keep the lights on. This Saturday I'll be sitting in with The Shabby Roads band. These are folks who met and started playing together after coming to my Sunday Night Open Mic's so I think that's pretty cool! We'll be up at the Big Daddy's Wagon Wheel just above Quakertown. If you need more information. Look these things up. Google them. I have to get going over to Chaplin's... Onward!

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke,... 

One of the more important life lessons I can pass on, and brought home once again now as I was washing the dishes and the Sun came pouring through the morning windows is, Dim Lighting. Subdued lighting hides lots of faults and makes for a happier Ted.

What can you say? 

It's tough to come up with anything meaningful or light hearted with the headlines these past few days. Weeks really...  I'm going to keep on keeping on. We have the Bluegrass Jam at Chaplin's this week and the Fitzwater Ole Time Jam Wed. And the Mighty Manatees have been keeping me busy even if I forget to update my website calendar with everything. And the Cinasea Film Collectors gathering is also fast approaching! So things are Happening even if I don't always remember to mention them here...