There's a couple more Videos in the Town Square Area

Tom T Hall 

     I was just talking about Tom T Hall last night at Gypsy Jazz rehearsal. I see today he passed yesterday at age 85. When I was working at Opryland in Nashville I could come and go as I pleased in the Grand Ole Opry building where they had TV studios in the basement. They taped the Tom T Hall show there on week days along with a few other early programs before the Nashville Network took off. Actually at that time all of Opryland was a studio. They had the whole park wired so they could do TV broadcasts from the various stages.

     Anyway I went down there one afternoon to watch them tape a Tom T Hall program and the guest was Minnie Pearl. They had Tom in a Tux by a Baby Grand Piano with a black background. They were trying to do a superimposition over the black curtains instead of a green screen and had some trouble with the curtains white lining showing though. There was a live audience and we all had to just wait while this guy on a stepladder went around with a can of black Spray Paint touching things up when all of a sudden we all heard Minnie's voice over her Wireless Mic, "What the hell's goin on? I can't wait around all day for this shit, I need to go home and cook dinner!" 

     "Minnie!" another voice said, "Your Mic is still on!" 

     I do a Tom T Hall song called Pamala Brown once in a while. It's about how an early girlfriend married somebody else and so therefore Tom could go on pursuing his career as a musician. I can certainly relate to THAT idea! There was a girl I was madly in love with in High School, but she dumped me. I wrote a song about her and sung it on the radio once and much to my surprise, she showed up at the Theatre where I was working the very next week! Was it a coincidence? Or did she hear the Broadcast? I'll never know, but I was glad to see her and her Husband. It did bother me a little that her Husband looked a lot like me at the time. 


Sunday August 22nd 3pm Canceled because of the Weather. Thank you Hurricane Henri! 

Just got word... Fitzwater is Canceled today because of the Weather.

The Mighty Musicians of Manatees Fame will try again Oct 17.

I've got shows, but most of them are private affairs not open to the public, but it's good to be getting out there again and playing music with some great people. However! There is one coming up in August you can attend.

Yet another Fitzwater show with The Mighty Manatees!

Aug 22nd 3pm

I'll be sitting in with the Band at Fitzwater Station out back in the Grove.

Who knows who else might show up?

Fitzwater is located in Mont Claire, Pa just north of Phoenixville off Rt 29. Be There or Be Square! 

Bring a Lawn Chair and Buy Something to eat or drink. No coolers please. 

And it's Dog and Goose Friendly! 

Fitz usually provides the Geese. No need to bring yours.

Oh my Gosh! A Show! Will and Ted's Excellent Concert !!! Fitzwater Station Sunday May 23rd (If it doesn't rain!) 2021 !!!! 3pm Start  

2021 !!!

Sunday May 23rd (If it doesn't rain!) 3pm not 4pm

Will and Ted's Excellent Concert!  Fitzwater Station Sunday

3pm Start not 4pm as in olden days

Looks like things are slowly moving forward! Not perfect, but better than last year at this time when almost Everything was canceled. Will and Ted will try to entertain you at Fitzwater Station out back in the Grove. Ray Atkins is scheduled to visit along with who knows? Randy Wagner will be there on Bass and Vocals, so it's a sure fire mix with the three of us holding down the main program. Fitzwater is located in Mont Claire, Pa just north of Phoenixville off Rt 29. Be There or Be Square!

Bring a Lawn Chair and Buy Something to eat or drink. No coolers please.

And it's Dog and Goose Friendly!

Fitz usually provides the Geese. No need to bring yours.

Not a whole lot going on... 

I'm amazed if you are reading this. Not a whole heck of a lot going on. I have one private party booked for July but that's about it. Chaplin's was open briefly but then closed again by our Gov Wolf and an over abundance of caution. I don't know when I'll get a vaccine, but so many others won't be right away either there's not much point in going out yet. Domestic chores and family issues haven't left much room for music, but hopefully I can start working on some recordings and maybe a Streaming show or two. Lets keep some hope.I'll be poking my head above ground once the warmer weather arrives.  Onward!

Venues are opening slowly... 

Although Chaplin's is Open again, I'm going to be avoiding things for a while. I apologize for that but we need to be careful here at the Ranch.

Ah Charlie... Goodbye Charlie. 

Ah Charlie... I never met him, but I knew people who knew him and I've been doing his songs since the 1970's. I used to joke that if I ever got to meet him I'd shoot him for writing Devil Went Down to Georgia! I get asked for it all the time, but you need a rehearsed band to play it, there's actually very little fiddle in the tune. It's an elaborate band number which requires rehearsals and I never had a band of my own that would rehearse. He was a Legend for sure and lots of people don't realize how versatile he actually was. Not only Writing and Performing but producing other peoples recordings and doing tons of Session work.

Yet another Important Venue... 

Our team has been discussing the Covid-19 outbreak in the surrounding areas. Due to our close proximity to Montgomery County we've decided to close for now. No Sunday Open Mic until Further Notice