Baffling mysteries... 

I used to post these blog things and they'd have an expiration date and be removed or move down where they'd disappear, but now I see a whole bunch of the older posts rising back up to the surface.... I don't get it. Where were they before?

Ted's Music in the General Store 

I tried to set up the store again and two people still could not download any music after the purchased it. One was my Aunt in Florida! So if any one has tried to buy the music and had the download fail, contact me at and we'll see what we can do about it. Mean while the people behind the scenes are working to see what's wrong.

One More Video.... 

I posted a Video of myself with the Birthday Bash guys playing an Ernest Tubb tune on YouTube. You can go to the Town Square section to watch it. I'm an old man now so it takes me a while to learn how to use all this new technology, but I'm getting there... We've got a wedding this week, then a couple gigs with the Kris Yeaworth Trio and the Manatees. They'll get posted in the Calendar area as soon as things get locked down.

More new stuff! 

I've posted a Video of my own finally on YouTube. Just go to the Town Square on my web site here and go to Video. I've got some new things on the calendar. I'll be sitting in with the Manatees in Sept and Ted and the Trio are back at Fitzwater Station in August... This Sunday!!!